Govt.forgot welfare of disabled

RSD- Bhainsa news: A petition was given to the Rajaswa mandal officer in Bhainsa on the problems of the disabled.
Wanting to solve the problems of the disabled and similarly demanding pension to the beedi workers without any restrictions, the district leaders of the disabled association Burugula Raju and the joint Adilabad district leaders of the Jana Sena Party, Sunketa Mahesh Babu.

It was requested that , a committee should be formed with the authorities for the welfare fund for the disabled.
We demand that the slot booking should be increased to 200, bus pass, railway pass should be given to every disabled person with a certificate, 35 kg of rice should be given through Antyodaya card, BC bandu, dalit bandu, Griha Lakshmi, double bedroom and other welfare schemes should be identified and given to the deserving. Similarly, ten thousand pension should be given to 100 percent disabled persons.
The backlog vacant posts should be filled. And pension notification 2016 should be released immediately to the beedi workers. Work days should be provided for almost 30 days, sufficient quality beedi, leaf and tobacco should be given.
If not, the officers and MLAs need to be held responsible for future struggles.
Sagara, Gafoor, Sanjeev, Ashok, Naresh, Raju, Shiva Lakshmi, Rukma, Subhadra and others participated in this program.