Inauguration of Leaf based plates manufacturing center – Sircilla

Srishala Vistarakula Plates manufacturing center established in local 19th ward was inaugurated on 11.01.2023 by Municipal Sangha President Mrs. Jindam Kala Chakrapani.

In this regard, Mrs. Jindam Kala Chakrapani, President of the Municipal Association said that in this competitive world, setting up industries for employment and getting self-employment is a great thing, but it is an exemplary thing for the society to start such an eco-friendly sprawling manufacturing center with high feelings to protect the environment to be useful for people. In our Indian cultural for traditions we give great importance to nature, especially in auspicious and inauspicious events in our homes, we consider it a great part of our culture to serve food in leaves. But in modern world, we are spoiling our health without knowing it by eating from plastic plates. Therefore, it is our responsibility to use these expander plates which quickly get absorbed into the ground without causing such harm to the environment, and inform our fellows about the greatness of these plates and work hard to completely reduce the use of polythene covers, plates and glasses. According to the orders of Chief Minister KCR, as part of the idea of Minister KTR, Bhartaran Bank (Cooking Utensils Fund) was established under the authority of women’s groups under the jurisdiction of the Municipal Corporation and they were able to reduce the use of plastic plates and glass in many programs. In addition, she said that the members of the governing body, officers and staff of the municipality are working hard to prevent the use of polythene related items by conducting a wide campaign on behalf of the Sircilla Municipal Corporation to prevent anyone from taking up the sale of polythene plates, glasses, etc. In this regard, she said that as part of cleanliness survey, all the people are requested to cooperate to completely avoid the use of plastic covers and glasses in Sircilla Municipal Corporation. The organizers who started the Vistarakula plates manufacturing center were specially congratulated. Municipal Commissioner Sammayya, Vice Chairman Manche Srinivas, Councilors Annaram Srinivas, BRS Party Town President Jindam Chakrapani, BRS Party Senior Leaders Gaddam Bhagavan, MEPMA Officers, Staff, Women’s Associations and people participated in this program.