Kanti Velugu program for eye problems solution – Sircilla

A special council meeting was held on 07.01.2023 at the council meeting hall of Municipal Offices under the chairmanship of Municipal commissioner Sammiyya and Municipal President Mrs. Jindam Kalachakrapani.

In this regard, Municipal commissioner Sammiyya and Mrs. Jindam Kala Chakrapani, President of Municipal Association said that Chief Minister KCR has started Telangana Diagnostic Centers with the intention of providing all kinds of medical services in Telangana state and providing free quality diagnostic services to the people with the aim of a healthy Telangana. In addition, more than 57 types of diagnostic services are being provided by the government completely free of cost in all districts of the state. They are working towards establishing government medical colleges and making medicine more accessible to all people.

As a part of public health protection, the importance of eye is much greater than all the organs in the human body, so that people should not suffer from such eye problems, through the Kanti Velugu program, which was introduced in 2018, free eye problem diagnosis tests were conducted for all people and medicines and eye glasses were provided for their prevention. They said that it is a very happy thing that the state government is again organizing the second phase of Kanti Velugu program as part of that. Minister KTR played a special role in providing quality eye care services to the people of our region by working hard to establish LV Prasad Eye Clinic in our Sircilla area.

Similarly, on 07.01.2023 as part of the second phase of Kanti Velugu program undertaken by the government very ambitiously, the public representatives have been instructed to ensure that quality medical services are provided to all the people under the Sircilla Municipal Corporation as part of Kanti Velugu program.

Therefore, according to the government guidelines, in coordination with the Municipal Corporation Sircilla and Rajannasircilla District Medical and Health Department, the second phase of Kanti Velugu program from the 18th of this month will be organized in all the wards of Sircilla Municipal Corporation for about 100 days continuously at the rate of a few wards per day. They said that on 07.01.2023 in this meeting, the members of the governing body of the Municipal Corporation discussed with all the plans and prepared the plans to provide the services. They further said that all the people are requested to participate in the Kanti Velugu program organized by Chief Minister KCR and get medical services for their eye problems. Municipal Commissioner Sammayya Vice Chairman Manche Srinivas, Councilor Members, Co-option Members and Deputy DMHO Sriramulu, Municipal Corporation Officers and District Health Officers participated in this program.