ROs ready to receive nominations from candidates for 25 PCs and 175 ACs

RSD- Amaravati news: Chief Electoral Officer Mukesh Kumar Meena said that the process of receiving nominations, which is the most important stage of the election process, will start from 18.04.2024, for which the election officials of all the districts have already completed the arrangements. He said that the candidates contesting for the seats in the Parliament have to file nominations in the respective Collectorate and the candidates contesting in the Assembly seats in the main centers of the respective constituencies. He said that each candidate can file a maximum of four sets and a candidate can contest in any two positions only. He said that along with the candidate filing the nominations, only four others will be allowed to reach the RO office and the rest will be stopped within 100 meters. Only three vehicles are allowed with the candidate. Contesting candidates will have to pay Rs.25,000 to the Parliament and Rs.10,000 to the Assembly. SC and ST candidates will have to pay 50 percent. He added that the candidates should file their nominations following the rules of conduct of elections. In order to fully record the nomination process, CC cameras have been installed in the nomination room and at the entry gates of the candidates. As part of the implementation of the model code, the processions of the candidates and the nomination filing process will also be video recorded.

Precautions to be taken while filing nominations

-Candidates have to bring 13 types of documents to file nominations.

– Candidates contesting for Parliament should apply in Form 2A and those contesting for Assembly should apply in Form 2B.

-Nominations will be received from 11.00 am to 3.00 pm on the notified dates.

-Nomination will not be accepted on public holidays.

-Candidates can file maximum 4 sets of nomination.

-Nominations should be submitted to the RO or to the concerned ARO only.

-Candidate can submit their nomination either directly or through their proposer.

-Candidate should submit newly opened bank account details in their name along with nomination.

-Candidates cannot file nominations from more than 2 constituencies.

-Maximum 3 vehicles are allowed within 100 meters during filing of nominations.

– Only five persons including the candidate can enter the RO office.

-A help desk will be set up for receipt of nominations.

– Help desks have been set up in all assembly constituencies.

-Although there is an option to file nominations through Suvidha app, copies of the nominations have to be submitted physically to the RO.

-Should submit their affidavit through Form-26.

-The value of Form 26 stamp paper is Rs.10 must be or more.

-E stamp can also be used if physical stamp paper is not available.

-From the time of nomination of the candidate, the cost will be accountable to his account.

– Advertisements in newspapers and paid news are also counted in the candidate’s account.

Election Process Schedules and Important Dates:

-Date of Issue of Gazette Notification: 18th April 2024.

– Receipt of nominations will start from the date of issue of gazette notification.

-Last date for submission of nominations : 25th  April 2024

-Date of Scrutiny of Nominations: 26th April 2024

-Last date for withdrawal of candidates: 29th April 2024

-Date of Poll: 13th May 2024

-Date of Counting : 04th  June 2024

-Date before close of elections : 06th  June 2024.