Special Drunk and Drive Checks on December 31st,

The people of the district should follow the instructions of the police to celebrate December 31 celebrations in a peaceful atmosphere. The SP of the district gave appropriate instructions regarding the precautions to be taken on the night of December 31.

In this regard, SP said that, Drunk and drive checks will be conducted from the evening of December 31 by special teams in each police station in the district. Because giving bikes to minors can lead to accidents, cases are registered if parents are caught giving bikes to minors. Driving vehicles with silencers removed causes noise pollution, driving vehicles at high speed, triple riding and disturbing others will lead to seizure of vehicles. Shouting on the roads in groups and rallying with vehicles is not be allowed. Tapas and mics on the roads should not bother anyone by making too much sound. DJs have been banned. He said that the DJs will be arrested and legal action will be taken. Strict action will be taken against those who pelt stones on houses, private property, street lights, break glasses, trouble women or misbehave with them, according to the law. Drinking alcohol in public places is prohibited Legal action will be taken if alcohol is consumed in public places and government places. On behalf of the police department, the district SP wished everyone to celebrate the New Year celebrations with their family members amidst joy and wishes to all the people of the district.

Town CI Venkatesh’s instructions to the people of Vemulawada town on 31st December Celebrations

1. On the occasion of New Year, cakes should not be cut on the roads at night on December 31st .

2. Do not consume alcohol in public places.

3. Celebrations should not be done by blocking the roads.

4. Do not drink and drive vehicles.

5. Minors should not drive vehicles.

6. Vehicles should not be driven without silencers in such a way as to generate excessive noise.

7. Do not drive recklessly at high speed.

8. Don’t drive too fast and get into accidents, don’t leave the family suffering.

9. Increased surveillance on criminals.

10. In case of nuisance to the public, legal action will be taken.

From the evening of December 31st, police patrolling and drunken driving tests will be conducted. So we want people to celebrate peacefully at home and people to cooperate with police.