Telangana Teachers Union (T T U) Konaraopet Mandal Branch Unanimous Election

Telangana Teachers Union Rajannasircilla District Branch President Kondi Koppula Ravi and General Secretary Tadukala Suresh were present and unanimously elected for Telangana Teachers Union Konraopet Mandal branch. District President Kondi Koppula Ravi said in this regard that the teachers have not been promoted for the last 8 years and he asked the government to immediately respond to the fact that there have been no transfers for 5 years and take up transfers and promotions. The problem of Pandit and other P.E.Ts should be resolved immediately. The District Chief Secretary Tadukala Suresh said that pending bills should be sanctioned immediately. After that Konraopeta mandal committee was elected unanimously.

  1. Gangarapu Chiranjeevi as President
  2. Gaddepaka Jeevan as the General Secretary
  3. Anumula Balakishan as Associate President
  4. Bandi Padma as vice president
  5. M. Sangeet as Secretaries

Teachers Manikyam and Sudhakar Reddy participated in this program.