In Sircilla town, the construction of New Dobhighat at Venkampet road by government with 1crore 5lakhs of public money is totally  a waste as it is exclusively constructed in area where once ponds were there. People are questioning that how the town planning commission  has agreed to construct in such an area. Due to recent heavy rains, the entire Venkampet area is under water as there is no way for the rainwater to flow away due to obstruction of this Dobhighat construction. And due to this rain the newly constructed Dobhighat building also got cracks.

People are also questioning that how public funds are used irresponsibly and without any proper planning. This shows the pure negligence of the officers who gave permission for the construction and the land  approval for it making people’s lives at risk . People are still surprised that how such a thing can happen in Honorable minister KTR’s constitution.


TRS leaders revolted on the officers in KTR constitution Sircilla. They said that we trusted KTR and accepted merging of 7 panchayaths into Sircilla constitution for their development during last year municipal elections. After elections, till now no development was done and the problems were also not heard by the officers.

Recently the 24th ward Rajiv nagar area has been visited by additional collector, Municipal commissioner for any damages due to floods which were caused by heavy rains. This visit was not pre intimated to the area councillor Burra laxmi and information was given while the officers were returning back from the visit.

Upon getting the information, area councillor Laxmi and her son ex-mptc member Mallikarjun has questioned the officers that why they were not pre informed about the visit of flood affected  areas. Then they have also reported that their colony does not have electrical poles and subscribers has to get service lines from 300 to 400 meters away. Moreover 6 months ago in their colony one electric pole has been problematic making the people lives in danger too. They said that if the officers in the constitution are not responding to the problems of merged areas, then “Quit Municipality” slogan will be followed further


In Sircilla municipality,  one of the councillor’s husband is been reported to commit illegal deeds in which one of the assistant engineer in municipality is also included. They have been reported with proofs in lots of scams like

Calling for tenders after finishing of municipal works making the contractors disappointed of their expectation from getting the bills.

In some cases without paving the roads the bills has been drawn off. Upon enquiring by vigilance department the facts has been revealed.

Corruption has been reported in lakhs of rupees in programs like Haritha haaram, Town development etc.,

These has to be stopped by reporting to minister KTR and further action has to be taken are the discussions done by ruling party people only which is a shocking.