“Workers must avoid addictions” – Psychologist Punnamchander

Mind Care and Counseling Center, District Government Hospital organized a mental development seminar on 01.12.2022 at Nehrunagar, Sircilla, by eminent psychologist K. Punnamgachander. In this regard, he said that workers should stay away from addictions.

He said that alcohol and drugs weakens the brain and nervous system of a person and makes person to soon fall into depression. Alcohol addiction is a psychosomatic disorder. He said that physical and mental health of the person will be affected. People who are addicted to drugs, develop a mental weakness called paranoidism, and people do things like suspiciousness and suspicion of their wife. It will cause quarrels in the family, disputes between husband and wife and separation.

Alcohol has a severe effect on the brain and people behave in strange ways. Addicts have many types of misconceptions, myths and delusions. That’s why they don’t come forward to get rid of addiction. The Mind Care and Counseling Center provides counseling and treatment to free from alcohol addiction. Requested to utilize this facility. Mana Satyanarayana, the owner of the looms, Manovikasa Kendra staff Rapelli Latha, Konda Uma, Boora Srimati, Vemula Annapurna and the workers participated in the programme.