50th Science Maths and Environment Exhibition 2022-23 – Telangana Government

Municipal Chairperson Jindam Kala Chakrapani, Telangana State Power Looms and Textiles President have participated as Chief Guests in the 50th District Level Science Maths and Environmental Demonstration program organized under the School Education Department, Rajannasircilla District, Telangana State Government, at Zilla Parishad High School (Girls) in local Gitanagar on 05.12.2022. In this regard, Mrs. Jindam Kala Chakrapani, President of Municipal Association said that Chief Minister KCR is running various government welfare hostels in the state to provide quality education to all the students in the state of Telangana, providing basic facilities in government schools across the state through Mana Uru Manabadi program, organizing midday meal scheme in government schools and providing scholarships for students pursuing higher education. Chief Minister KCR, who is bringing many changes in the government education system in the state of Telangana through various programs and providing foreign education scholarships to students who go abroad for higher studies. Similarly, Minister KTR has been working hard to provide quality education to the students of this region by supporting the development of various government schools as part of the Mana Uru Manabadi scheme in Sircilla area.

Chief Minister KCR who is organizing such a great program to bring out the creativity of students through this program by organizing 50th Science Maths and Environment Exhibition 2022-23 by Telangana Government is an appreciable work.

Municipal chairperson said that the teachers should always encourage the students by guiding the students to make good inventions according to their ideas. I hope that the students who participated in this program will continue their inventions to bring good name to our region and the country in the future. Development Corporation Chairman Guduri Praveen, ZP Chairperson Nyalakonda Aruna Raghava Reddy, District Library Department President Akunuri Shankaraiah, District Rythu Bandhu Samiti President Gaddam Narasiah, TRS Party Senior Leaders Bolli Rammohan. DEO Radha Kishan, DSO Anjaiah, MEO, Principal, teachers and students participated in this program.