Awareness program on gender discrimination – AHTU

Under the leadership of Telangana Women’s Security Department, as part of the National Movement for Gender-Free Society-2022, Safety of Women and Children, under the direction of District SP Rahul Hegde IPS, District AHTU, She Team, Child Helpline on 05.12.2022, an awareness program was organized under the leadership of AHTU staff.

In this regard, it is said that gender discrimination is not fair in the present society. Women are making strides in every field and women should grow equally with men in every field. They want to study with high goals from the student stage. It is said that if a woman is educated at home, the whole family will be educated.

It is informed that the district police department has taken strong measures regarding the protection of women and small children. For the safety of women, they are constantly available to students, young women and women by creating various programs and making them aware. Women and young women should feel free to contact the She Team with any problem, those who cannot contact directly can dial 100, District She Team number 8712656425 or She Team SI number 8712656424 to complain.

Child Help Line 1098 Coordinator Triveni said that if the rights of children are violated, they should call 1098 and 100. Child Help Line 1098 is a toll free number working for children at the national level. Children who have been sexually abused or trafficked should call the Child Helpline. Similarly, everyone should work to eradicate child marriage. Protection of children’s rights is the responsibility of all of us. In this program she team woman ASIs Pramila, Umarani, Vijay, Prasanna, AHTU staff Oxer and Child Helpline Coordinator Triveni team member Shravan participated.