Employees gifted with cars by company owner

RSD- Haryana news: On the occasion of festivals, if the companies (Employees) were given one or two months of salary as bonus, those employees will celebrate so much. And if such an unexpected gift comes,those employees will jump! Currently, some employees working in a pharma company in Haryana are enjoying such a sweet feeling. MK Bhatia, Director of Mits Health Care Pharma in Panchkula, Haryana gifted Tata Punch cars to his employees. He mentioned the employees of the company as celebrities and gave cars as gifts to 12 people who performed well. All these are not just employees said the celebrities. He announced a bumper offer that he will gift cars to others in the future. However, an office boy is also in the list of those who have received Tata punch cars as a gift.

He praised that the employees are the key role in the success of his company.They all worked hard with dedication and loyalty and contributed to the growth of the company.Bhatia stated that these cars are not just Diwali gifts. They are gifts for the commitment and faith shown by his employees in the company. However, it is noteworthy that some of the employees who received these cars as gifts do not even know how to drive the car actual. Some employees were surprised when their boss gave them an unexpected gift!

Bhatia spoke to the media on this occasion. ‘I want the employees to feel special about themselves as celebrities. This happened because of positive thinking, my company has seen many ups and downs,but all these employees have been with me and contributed to the growth of the company. They are our stars” he praised. He handed over these cars to his employees a month ago and shared the videos on social media. However, this news has now become public. Responding to this, he said that it is a coincidence that such news is coming on the occasion of Diwali, otherwise he did not plan about it. He said that there is an idea to increase the number of cars given from 12 to 50 in future.The Tata Punch car which was given as a gift was released in 2021. Its range starts from Rs.6 lakhs.