Indian in the British Parliament

RSD_ Indian in British Parliament

RSD-Karimnagar news: The people of Telangana stood in the ring in the British Parliament elections. Udilu Nagaraju from Shanigaram village, Koheda Mandal, Karimnagar District is contesting the election from the Labor Party.North Bedfordshire Labor Party has announced the name of Nagaraju as their parliamentary candidate. Through North Bedfordshire he contested from the newly formed parliamentary constituency on the recommendation of the ‘Boundary Commission’.According to the famous survey firm Electoral Calculus, the Labor Party is expected to win 68 percent of the constituency. Now a dream rush has started in Britain too.Elections are already being held in India, and elections are also held in Britain and America this year. The attention of the world is focused on the British and American elections, which are taking place in the background of the Russia-Ukraine war, the Israel-Palestine conflict, and the threat of global economic recession.

From a middle class family in the UK

In the village of Shanigaram, Uduli Nagaraju was born to Hanumantha Rao and Nirmala Devi, who belonged to a middle-class family. He grew up with a hard-working attitude from childhood. He did his PG in Political Science from the world famous University College of London in Britain. Nagaraju founded iPolicy Labs, a think-tank that had early sensed the impact of artificial intelligence on global society. He earned a good reputation as an international speaker and writer. There, as a school governor, a volunteer, and a broad political campaigner, he gained a foothold among the people there by door-to-door campaigning for a decade. Labor Party MPs have been winning consecutively in some elections held there so far. The Labor Party also won the councilor and state mayor elections held in May 2024. London representative VM Reddy said in a statement to Telugu media that with this, it seems certain that the Telugu person Udali Nagaraju will also get a great victory as an MP in the British Parliament elections.