Non used sim card data to be completely deleted says Supreme Court

RSD- India news: The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has told the Supreme Court that mobile numbers deactivated due to non-use and mobile numbers canceled on the request of subscribers are allotted to others after at least 90 days. TRAI clarified this during the hearing on the petition filed that the data related to the mobile numbers canceled due to non-use is being misused.TRAI has filed an affidavit stating that ‘those who have used a WhatsApp account with a mobile number should also cancel the WhatsApp account when canceling that number. It was considered by a Supreme Court bench comprising Justices Sanjeev Khanna and Justice SVN Bhatti. With this, the Supreme Bench said that it does not want to continue the investigation on this petition.

If the WhatsApp account is not active for 45 days: According to the information in the WhatsApp Help Center. If an account is inactive for 45 days and activated on another mobile phone, the old one will delete all the data’. The court also considered these details and dismissed the lawsuit.