Free sand for locals says TG government

RSD- Telangana news: The government has taken this decision so that the construction work does not stop locally due to the shortage of sand. It has been revealed that sand will be provided free of charge by the government. Collectors of all districts have been directed to allow transport of sand suitable for local requirements to those who show proper documents. In this regard, the State’s Principal Secretary, Mines and Geology, Mahesh Dutt issued an order on 23.03.2024. People from different villages are continuously appealing to the government to give permission for the construction of their houses and transportation of sand for local needs. In this background, the government has decided to give free permission for sand from the nearby streams for local needs without any hindrance to the constructions in the villages. Those who need it will be allowed to transport sand through tractors and carts free of cost. It has been made clear in these orders that action will be taken against those responsible if the rules are violated.