Going at a limited speed can avoid accidents and Penalties – SP Rahul Hegde IPS

On the orders of Rajannasircilla District SP Rahul Hegde IPS, Rajannasircilla Police have launched an initiative to check the excessive speed of motorists. Speed ​​laser gun is used to control over speeding of vehicles and protect people’s lives.

In this regard, on 01.11.2022, Sircilla Traffic RSI Raju imposed fines on speeding vehicles with speed laser gun in Sircilla Bypass area.

Later, Traffic RSI Raju said that every motorist should not exceed 60 km speed on main roads and 40 km speed at corner turns, schools and colleges in municipal and village areas. Similarly, everyone should follow traffic rules. Photos of the vehicles are taken and fines are imposed. It is not our intention to impose fines, our main duty is to protect your lives. Therefore, we want people to avoid fines by speed limit and follow traffic rules and police should cooperate with them.