Grain purchase centres by MEPMA – Rajannasircilla district

On 02.11.2022, in the local 10th and 22nd  Ward, the rice grain purchase centers established by MEPMA were inaugurated by the President of Municipality Mrs. Jindam Kala Chakrapani and the President of District Farmers’ Coordination Committee, Gaddam Narsaiah.

In this regard, the President of the Municipal Association Mrs. Jindam Kala Chakrapani said that the government support price of the grain grown by the farmers. Tokens will be allotted to the farmers and grain will be purchased according to those tokens and the farmers should not believe the words of the brokers and get cheated by selling grain at a low price.

Chief Minister KCR said that all the arrangements have been made so that the government can purchase the full amount of grain received by the farmers such as provision of drinking water to the porters, sacks , transportation by trucks etc.,

Minister KTR said that he expressed his heartfelt thanks for making all the arrangements by talking to the officials and public representatives so that the farmers would not face any difficulties and set up purchase centers in their respective villages.

Thus, for the welfare of the farmers, through many welfare programs like Rythu Bandhu, Rythu Bima, free electricity, Rythu Vedikas, Rythu Kallalu, an agricultural cluster has been established for every five thousand acres in the state and an Agricultural Extension Officer has been appointed for each cluster, thus answering the doubts of the farmers and providing advice to the farmers from time to time, Chief Minister KCR has sacrificed his life and fought for farmers in various ways and said that he is a true partisan of farmers.

It was reminded that even during the full corona crisis, Chief Minister KCR has purchased rice grain from the farmers in full.

Thick paddy stock in FCI mills in the country is more than the future requirements so as per the ideas of S Chief Minister KCR under the guidance of Minister KTR all the farmers should cultivate alternative crops like palm oil, vegetables, sunflower, pulses along with rice grains. Farmers are requested to grow commercial crops. Municipal Commissioner Sammayya , MRO Vijay Kumar, Councilors Bolgam Nagaraju , Kalluri Latha Madhu, Sri Viswanatha Swamy Temple Trustee Panga Ravi , Mandal Agriculture Extension Officer Tirupati , MEPMA officials, RPs, Amali community members, farmers and Ward people participated.

RSD_grain purchase center inauguration
RSD_ Grain inauguration pooja by Jindam Kala Chakrapani