Illegally stored 36.80 quintals PDS rice seized

PDS seized at Mustabad

Illegal storage of government ration rice is offensive, even after many cases reported also still it is done. Today by the instructions of SP Rahul Hegde, DSP A. Ravi Kumar under the command of Task Force SI M. Maruthi Garu, basing on reliable information, 36.80 quintals of PDS Rice which  was illegally stored in two houses in Nampur village of Mustabad Mandal, Rajanna Sirisilla District was seized. Both the accused and the PDS rice were handed over to Mustabad SI for further action on the possession of such government ration rice.

Details of arrested accused

1. Kadamanchi Bhadraiah, s/o Pochaiah, 35 yrs, Beda Budige Jangam,r/o Namapur, Mustabad,.

2. Kadamanchi Swamy, s/o Peeraiah, 30 yrs, Beda Budige Jangam,r/o Namapur, Mustabad,.

Details of Possessions

36.80 quintals of PDS rice

In this SI M. Maruti ,Head Constable Tirupati, Rajesh, Shabbir, Srinivas, Constable Srinivas, Akshar have participated.