Liquor tenders at Karminagar combined District

Karimnagar combined districts in which Karimnagar, Jagityala, Peddapalli and Rajannasircilla are having 290 liquor shops which has invited tenders. The total tender applications got till now are 5097 which alone gave Rs.101 crore and 94 lakh to government in the form of applications. Among the four districts, from Rajannasircilla district more applications for liquor tender has been noticed. The applications were taken till Thursday night 11:00 PM. As per the reservation, 15% Gouds got 53 shops, 10 % SCs got 30 shops and General category got 207 shops for which tender applications were obtained.

Today on Saturday, Tenders will be opened and draw will be announced in presence of all applicants. At Karimnagar district collectorate auditorium, District collector will initiate to take the draw then Jagityala, Rajannasircilla as well as Peddapalli district collectors will take the draw.

Who has won the draw will open the shops from December 1st 2021 onwards.

Karimnagar district has 94 shops and got 1694 applications

Jagityala has 71 shops and got 1445 applications

Peddapalli has 77 shops and got 1058 applications

Rajannasircilla has 48 shops and got 900 applications

 Who will get the opportunity of the tender this time we need to wait and see.