LOC copies given to needy family by Councilor Gentyala Srinivas

Councilor members Gentyala Srinivas speaking in this regard said that, Vemula Nagesh of local 29th ward was undergoing treatment in Hyderabad for a kidney related problem, when his family situation was brought to the notice of  Minister KTR, he immediately responded and said that a LOC of Rs. 2 lakhs is been sanctioned. He said that he is expressing special thanks to the Ministers KTR who is working hard to grant Chief Minister’s Relief Fund Checks and LOCs in order to support people who are struggling due to financial reasons during health problems. Copies of this LOC order have been handed over to the family members of Vemula Nagesh on 17.01.2023.

Later, the family members of Vemula Nagesh said that they are indebted to Chief Minister KCR, Minister KTR and Councilor Gentyala Srinivas who helped them to provide such assistance to the BRS government in the context of many financial difficulties due to health problems and spoke emotionally.

 BRS Party 29th Ward President, Sabbani Narender, Rapalli Praveen, Chenchu Laxman and BRS workers participated in this program.