Quality of investigation in every case to be maintained -District SP Shri Rahul Hegde IPS

The SP ordered the police officers to take all necessary steps without pending cases in every police station in the district that there should be quality of investigation in every case.

On 17.01.2023, a review meeting was held with the police officers at the district police headquarters on pending cases, grave cases, crime against women, SC/ST cases, and functional verticals.

SP said in this regard that action should be taken as per plan to reduce the number of pending cases by expeditiously solving the pending cases. In the pending cases, investigation should be completed quickly and charge sheet should be filed, investigation should be done as per plan of action and SOP in the pending cases and cases should be solved, it was suggested. Regarding the pending CC numbers, the Magistrates and the court officers are advised to monitor them daily and take the CC numbers. Special attention should be given to the Sc/St cases and the investigation in the POCSO Act cases should be completed expeditiously. It is suggested that all the officers and staff should work hard to execute the criminals who are on the run.

A special drive should be organized in the district to ensure that everyone obeys the traffic rules, driving vehicles without number plates, putting stickers, rash driving, triple riding, sound pollution by removing the silencer is a crime. Officials have been directed to identify and seize such vehicles.

The SP ordered the police officers to ensure that there is a queue for the visitors to ensure that no untoward incidents take place during the operation of Kanti Velugu camps in the district which will begin on January 19th 2023.

The Telangana State Police Department advised to provide better services to the people by using technology and implementing the functional verticals. The SP congratulated the 18 officers and staff who showed the best performance in implementing the functional verticals.

Additional SP Chandraiah, DSPs Viswaprasad, Nagendrachari, DCRB DSP Balakrishna, CIs Anil Kumar, Upender, Mogili, Venkatesh, Bansilal, Kiran, Madhukar, RIs Kumaraswamy Yadagiri, SIs IT Core staff participated in this meeting.