Mahasabha of Co-operative Urban Bank Sircilla –Problems addressed

RSD_ urban bank chairman

Today in the Mahasabha of the Co-operative Urban Bank, former chairman Gajula Balayya Darnam Lakshminarayana signed the order to give the sitting fee of 500 rupees to the members who attended the Mahasabha. Mahasabha came forward and protested. This protest program was done under the chairmanship of President of Sircilla Civil Welfare Samithi Biyamkar Srinivas. In this regard, he said in the Mahasabha that the vacant C.E.O post should be filled. Group loan should be given. The age limit of the employees raised by the state government should be implemented. Due list should be printed and placed in front of the members. Chairman responded to the raised complaints and assured that they will be solved shortly.

RSD_ Biyamkar Srinu