Parents arrested for murdering their mentally unstable daughter

RSD-Tangallapally news: On this occasion, SP said that, Priyanka, the daughter of Chepyala Yellavva and Narasayya of Nerella village of Tangallapally mandal died on 14th of May 2024. When the villagers got suspicions about her death, Nerella Gram Panchayat Secretary took the information and filed an application police station. While Tangallapally police registered a case and investigated, the deceased Priyanka died in Nerella village, Dargapalli. The police officials who visited the village interrogated the villagers and detained and interrogated the parents of the deceased, Yellavva and Narsaiya, but they confessed to the crime and said that their eldest daughter Priyanka was suffering from mental illness for the past seven years and the parents had taken Priyanka around hospitals and temples and spent a lot of money.

In the year 2020, his daughter Priyanka got married to a man named Pridvi from Dargapalli in Nangunur mandal after the disease was partially cured. While they live in Saptagiri colony, Karimnagar, they have a 13 month old son and for the past one month, Priyanka has been disturbing everyone with mental illness as before, insulting people around her, fighting and trying to kill people around her with mental illness, her husband’s family members and even tried to hurt her 13 months old boy too. After beating her, Priyanka’s husband informed her parents, Narasiah and Ellavva, that they took her from their daughter’s house in Karimnagar and took her to the Bugga Rajeswara Swamy Temple, where she was kept there for three days, but did not recover. The parents took their daughter Priyanka to their home in Nerella and on 14.05.2024, some relatives and friends of the village came to check on her health condition. The daughter’s health is not improving, the burden of debt due to parents taking loans from various places to treat her at hospitals and their daughter’s condition has become a shame and burden to the parents. The parents want to get rid of the pain of the daughter who is not in a good condition. The investigation revealed that they took her and hanged her to death. Later, the accused took possession of the cord used to kill Priyanka and arrested the accused and sent them to remand, said the District SP. He said that people should not consult Babas and magicians in the name of superstitions, but should only consult doctors. They should not consult thief Babas out of ignorance and be cheated. The case of murder of a woman belonging to Nerella village of Tangallapally mandal has been solved based on the information of the locals, the SP requested that anyone who is seen suspiciously in the villages and towns and any suspicious incidents should be reported immediately to dial 100 or the police. Sircilla Rural Incharge CI Ellareddypet CI Srinivas and SI Sudhakar participated in this media meeting.