Political analyst says don’t confuse the Congress party with the communist parties

RSD- Telangana news: In Telangana, polling will start in next 30 days, so it has become somewhat difficult for various parties to adjust the seats in the election, mainly the problem of communist parties has become a big headache for the Congress party. Communist parties are very strong in Medak and Warangal areas. Recently, in the previous election which was taken by the ruling party very ambitiously, the communist parties supported the ruling B.R.S party and won the candidate of the ruling party.

According to a reliable source, communist parties are hoping for 5 to 7 MLA seats and 1 MP seat, but there is a campaign that only one or two seats will be given to communists. Some communist candidates are ready to make direct nominations on behalf of the party in Bhadrachalam Kothagudem, Khammam areas. Political analyst Adari Nagaraju opined that the main political principle of the Congress party is to respect the expected level of seats given to the communist parties in the state and at the center, leaving aside the ruling party.