Leopard trapped in a cage in Narayanapet district

RSD_ Leopard trapped incage at Narayanapet

RSD- Narayanapet District news: A leopard, which has been killing calves for the past few days in Kothapalli mandal of Narayanapet district, has been caught in the cage of forest officials in the early hours on 07.05.2024. It has been roaming in Nandi Gama, Dupatigattu, Gokulnagar and Gorloni Bavi surroundings of the mandal for the past few weeks, terrorizing people. The locals then informed the forest department officials. Officials who collected the footprints of the calves that were killed by leopards were identified. On 06.05.2024 night, a Leopard was found in the surrounding areas of Nandigama, and a cage was set up. People breathed a sigh of relief when the leopard was finally caught in the cage. Meanwhile, the forest department officials said that the Leopard trapped in the cage will be shifted to safe areas.