Psychologists should awaken society- Telangana Psychologists association emergence day

As a part of Telangana Psychologists association emergence day, today at Sircilla, a program has been conducted in which addressing the youth, Telangana Psychologists association state vice president K.Punnamchander said that, for the young generation and its importance in moulding their life in a proper and positive manner, Psychologists play an important role, they should explain the awareness on drugs and their effects on youth and role of parents in monitoring their children for their friendships, relationships and their addiction to social media and also Psychologists should conduct awareness program on life skills too. If not monitored then there are more chances of getting them into bad addictions which spoils them permanently. In this program, Siriclla Psychologist association district president A.Venu, Chief  Secretary Ayyiyappa Ramu, vice president Y. Anjnaeyilu, and members have took part.