Sircilla town some areas under floods

RSD_floods in sircilla

The people of Ashok Nagar, Sardar Nagar, Sanjivaiah Nagar and Shantinagar were exposed to the threat of flood for the third time in the night (from 3:45 pm). The Municipal, Revenue and Irrigation Departments have not been able to learn lessons despite being flooded twice in the past.

The new pond is touted as a tourist area, the upper areas are encroached upon, the municipal revenue is neglected, the irrigation engineers who cannot predict the water inflow, the channel that comes to the new pond is filled with little rain, the water treatment plant built unintentionally between Ashok Nagar and Padma Nagar has become a source of sorrow. People were terrified the whole night for their lives, the municipal minister and ruling class representing Sircilla has not taken any measures yet to solve the issues even the situation happened twice in the past. Now third time the people of Sircilla lost their property, power loom motors burnt down and so no work for a week again for them.