Developmental plans of cc roads and sanitation at double bed room houses

The double bed room houses constructed for the poor people at Sircilla local 2nd ward has been further thought to be developed like laying of CC roads and sanitation for which foundation ceremony has been done by Municipal Chairperson Jindam Kala Chakrapani.

In this regard she said that CM KCR has sanctioned the scheme of double bed rooms for poor people and in Sircilla town 2nd ward, 204 double bed room houses has been constructed under the government scheme. And now for the laying of CC roads and sanitation, Rs.1 crore 53 lakhs funded tenders has been done.

Also the Municipal Chairperson Jindam Kala Chakrapani said that these CC roads and sanitations works will be finished as soon as possible and the double bed room house will be sanctioned to the poor people who are eligible as per the government norms. As per the vision of KTR, the planning for construction of CC roads, sanitation, parks, open gyms in Sircilla town will be done in future, making Sircilla town a role model for all towns and municipal offices in the Telangana state.

District Officers Contact, Rajanna Sircilla

K. Ranadheer KumarDist. Agr. Officer7288894137
SagarAsst. Director, H&T7893048866
P.B. Srinivasa CharyChief Planning Officer8793048866
Goutham ReddyCEO, ZP8985494891
D. RadhakishanDist. Educational Officer7995087618
Koutilya ReddyDist. Rural Development Officer8978887104
A. RavinderDist. Panchayat Officer9618289029
G.Venkata Ramana (FAC)Dist. Public Relation Officer7995028010
S.SaiduluAD Mines & Geology9440817848
V. Srinivas(I/C)AD, S & LR9676993237
N.RaghavendarDist. Employment Officer9985346768
Dr. SumanDist. Medical & Health Officer9440129307
Dr. Muralidar RaoSuperintend, Dist. Hospital 7981379228
D. Hari KrishnaDist Manager( Civil Supplies)7995050723
S.Jithender Reddy(I/C)District Civil Supply Officer8008325850
Md. ShabuddinDist.  Marketing Officer7330733307
D. SwapnaDist. Audit Officer7893485165
Mohan ReddyDist. BC Development Officer9441014695
Vinod Kumar ED, SC Corporation9121213641
BhaskarDist. SC Development Officer8886990609
 Dist. Minority Officer9849901161
Budda NaiyuduDist. Co-operative Officer9912092761
Amarender ReddyDist. Irrigation (IB) Engineer7093890700
JanakiDist. MB(Intra/RWS) Engineer9100120573
Srinivas RaoDist. Panchayat Raj Engineer9440073313
Kishan RaoDist. R&B Officer (EE)9652694503
Gangam Srinivas ReddyDiv- 8,  EE, Package 99502777900
G. NarsimhuluDist. Ground Water Officer9394153117
JyothiDist. Hort. & Sericulture Officer7997725076
Satyavardhan RaoDist. Intermediate Education Officer9440816018
Y Kondal RaoDist. Transport Officer9848528610
Neeraja Dist. Treasury Officer9700282029
K. Upender RaoGM Dist. Industries Centre9959967837
T.V. RamanamurthyDist. Vet & Animal Husbandry Officer7337396424
LaxmirajamDist. Welfare Officer9490031615
G. Ranga ReddyLDM9704877580
G. Chakradhar ReddyAsst. Labour Officer9492555256
K. Upender Rao I/cDist . Youth and Sport Office 
KareemAsst. Public Account Officer7995028911
RajaiahDist. MB(Grid) Engineer9440817316
B. JacquilineDist. Co-Ordinate TSWREI Society9704550185
SrinivasDist. Fire Officer9949991086
Khadeer Ahmmed (I/C)Dist. Fisheries Officer9440814750
K. Chandra Shekar (I/C) KNRDist. Prohibition & Excise Officer9440902687
SK. AnsarDist. Town and Country Planning Officer9491005780
AshaDist. Forest Officer9848475604
Rupesh KumarDist. Legal Metrology Officer9000227055
No OfficerDist. Tribal Development Officer (Knr)9490111377
B. SrinivasDM. RTC Sircilla9959225929
B. PrasadDy.EE Public Health Department9398666536
Shiva KumarEE, MMR7673905333
Ravinder ReddyEE, Package 1097049862695
RamakrishnaManaging Director CESS9440814058
V. SammaiahCommissioner, SRCL Municipality9492067578
E. Syam Sunder RaoCommissioner, VMD Municipality8008578959
Vishnu PrasadAEE– Div-8 Package- IX9603704407