Developmental plans of cc roads and sanitation at double bed room houses

The double bed room houses constructed for the poor people at Sircilla local 2nd ward has been further thought to be developed like laying of CC roads and sanitation for which foundation ceremony has been done by Municipal Chairperson Jindam Kala Chakrapani.

In this regard she said that CM KCR has sanctioned the scheme of double bed rooms for poor people and in Sircilla town 2nd ward, 204 double bed room houses has been constructed under the government scheme. And now for the laying of CC roads and sanitation, Rs.1 crore 53 lakhs funded tenders has been done.

Also the Municipal Chairperson Jindam Kala Chakrapani said that these CC roads and sanitations works will be finished as soon as possible and the double bed room house will be sanctioned to the poor people who are eligible as per the government norms. As per the vision of KTR, the planning for construction of CC roads, sanitation, parks, open gyms in Sircilla town will be done in future, making Sircilla town a role model for all towns and municipal offices in the Telangana state.