Women Icons Leading Swachth Award-2023

On 16.03.2023 in the local 3rd ward under the Swachh Survey 2023 Swachh Utsav, the Women Icons Leading Swachth Award-2023 recognition program was held as a part of the Swachh Utsavam, with Mrs. Jindam Kala Chakrapani, President of Municipal Corporation, she attended as the chief guest and started the program

Mrs. Jindam Kalachakrapani, President of the Municipal Association said that Chief Minister KCR said that Telangana state has been transformed into a clean Telangana by keeping the environment clean through rural development and urban development programs and has made Telangana state an ideal state in the whole of India. According to the ideas of Minister KTR, by giving high priority to the cleanliness of the environment in Sircilla town, spreading the cleanliness rules widely and creating awareness among the people, she said that the role of women in getting the Clean Survey Award to the Sircilla Municipal Corporation is appreciable. She said that women play an important role in keeping the house and surroundings clean and to honor such women as part of Swachh Survey 2023, this Woman Icon Leading Swachhta Awards has been established.

For that, women association members, officers and women should make people aware of the rules of cleanliness, self-help groups that manage community public toilets, always keeping them clean, take part in providing cleaning services to septic tanks, create awareness among people in the management of municipal wet dry and harmful waste collection, and produce products from waste. She said that by setting up centers and organizing solid waste management, the best first-time solid waste managing women will be recognized and these awards will be given priority at the national levels of the city and state. So the Urban Mahila Samayka Sanghas RPu women follow the rules of cleanliness and wish to get this Woman Icon Leading Purity Award 2023. According to the idea of Minister KTR, we all have the responsibility to make Sircilla a pure Sircilla and called upon everyone to adhere to this. After that women were given a pledge not to use polythene covers and cloth bags and steel boxes were distributed to them. Municipal Commissioner Sammayya DE Prasad, AE Varun Environment Engineer Raghu, Shree Pochamma Mother Temple Trustee Doosa Ishwari, CO , RPu Mahila Samayka Sangha member and ward people participated.