50,000 rupees fine for cheap liquor seller

RSD_ Bindover for cheap liquor seller

RSD- Ellareddypet news: A person named Sayilu was arrested for selling cheap liquor on 11th October 2023 and was bound over for a period of one year on a surety bond of Rs.1 lakh. But he did not change his behavior and sold it again. A case was registered on March 30, 2024 and he was made a bindover. Ellareddypet Mandal Magistrate imposed a fine of 50 thousand rupees on the accused and he paid it on 05.07.2024, said Excise CI M. Srinivas. The people of Ellareddypet, Konaraopet, Mustabad, Gambhiraopet and Veernapelli Mandals under Ellareddypet Excise Circle are informed that the manufacture and sale of cheap liquor will be subject to strict legal action as mentioned above and people are requested to refrain from such activities. Those who have any information about cheap liquor should call the cell number 8712658830 and provide information and the details of the informers will be kept confidential.