A day care center for the elderly should be prepared within a week – District Collector Anurag Jayanthi.

District Collector Anurag Jayanthi said that the day care center being set up to remove loneliness in elderly people should be prepared within the next week. On 01.12.2022, he inspected the day care center for the elderly to be set up in the ST dormitory building in Ellareddypet mandal center at the field level.

He said that measures are being taken to accombdate around one hundred elderly people to get Ashram and 15 beds are being temporarily arranged. With the aim of preventing the elderly people who have children in remote areas from feeling depressed due to loneliness, a decision has been taken to set up this day care center at the mandal center with the special initiative of Minister KTR. In addition to pleasant atmosphere, the center will provide all amenities and facilities. The collector said that they will monitor and conduct health tests regularly. Panchayati Raj EE Surya Prakash and others were present in this observation.