District level selections of Kabaddi players – Rajannasircilla district

Rajannasircilla District Kabaddi Association Chairman Mr. Jindam Chakrapani said today in a press meet organized under the Rajannasircilla District Kabaddi Association.

Rajannasircilla District Kabaddi players are requested to participate in District 32nd Sub Junior Boys and Girls Kabaddi Selections to be held at Siddhartha High School in Rajannasircilla District Center from 4th of December 2022. And the team that won will be playing at Manchiriyala from 16th to 19th December 2022 at National level. He said that all the necessary arrangements for this district level Kabaddi competition will be made under the Rajannasircilla District Kabaddi Association so that there is no problem for the Kabaddi players or the sports fans.

Similarly, Harish of Anupuram village, Rajannasircilla District, who was selected for the 48th  National Junior Boys Kabaddi Championship, Siddhartha English Medium Physical Education Teacher, Bhagwat Madhav , who was selected as the Assistant Coach of the National Junior Boys Kabaddi Selection were congratulated by District SP Rahul Hegde, Jindam Chakrapani, President of Rajannasircilla District Kabaddi Association. Kabaddi Association working group members Boddu Ramulu, Mallareddy, Mustafa, Balu, Krishna Goud, Motku Mallesham, Referee Board Chairman Dewata Prabhakar, Mandal Kabaddi Association President Boddu Narayana, TRS Party Senior Leaders Mana Ravi, Kalluri Madhu, Kabaddi Sports Coaches, Sportsmen and others participated.