A Father’s Judgement (O Thandri Theerpu) – Short Movie

Story Writer : Dr. Chitikena Kiran Kumar

A story written by Dr. Chitikena Kiran Kumar, member of the International Benevolent Research Foundation. This short movie will be released by Sri Ramdooth film makers shortly.

scene from the short film

Gadhamshetty Umamaheswara Rao Hyderabad, a member of the EX Film Censor Board, who received five Nandi Awards as well as leading international awards, directed the film, and the dialogues were composed by Govindarajula Nageswara Rao and producer Chitta Rajeswara Rao. On this occasion, the author of the story, Chitikena said that he has written an informative story based on human values that are disappearing in the society and the injustices happening in some families even though the youth have grown up technologically, and the film goes in a way of positive message orientation. Many famous people, poets and writers have wished Dr. Chitikana.

Director Gadhamshetty Umamaheswara Rao
Producer Chitta Rajeswara Rao