Awareness program by Helping hearts on importance of child education- Thurkhasin nagar

Famous Psychologist K. Punnamchander in an awareness program conducted by helping hearts at Thurkhsin nagar said that children should be educated  by admitting them in schools and it is the responsibility of parents. Explaining the importance and need for education, he said that to change one’s life in a positive way, education only has the power. And also to be healthy and fit physically and mentally, intake of nutritious food, Yoga, Meditation have to be done. Ward counsellor Lingampally Satyanarayana said that children’s future will be in a rightful manner if provided with education. Helping hearts president Aluval Eswar said that for being healthy, habits should be healthy. Lawyer Kanukuntla Tirumala said that child marriages  are crime and dropouts from schools makes children to go as child labour. In this program, 9th ward Counsellor Lingampally Satyanarayana, Helping hearts president Aluval Eswar, Lawyer Kanukuntla Tirumal, Shaik Ali, Shaik Yakub, Tirupathi Nayak, Salim and parents and their children have took part.