Awareness program on National Cyber Security – Tangalapally

As part of the National Cyber ​​Security Awareness Month, as per the orders of the District SP Rahul Hegde IPS, on 22.10.2022, the district SHE team, AHTU team to the students of the Telangana Tribal Gurukula Women’s Degree College in Tangalapally mandal center an awareness program was organized with the art group.

In this regard, SI Premdeep spoke that it is advised that students and young women should be aware of cybercrime so that they do not fall victim to cybercrime. You are informed to educate your friends, family members and village elders to avoid being victimized by cybercrime. If cheated by cyber criminals then immediately report to 1930 toll free number and you will get your money as much as possible. If you have called the number 1930 then contact the nearest police immediately and your problem will be solved.

Women and students are advised to dial 100 and contact the She Team number 7901132141 in times of distress. They should not bear any problem silently and come forward and contact the She Team and solve their problems. This She Team compliant QR code scanning posters which can be used to complain online from anywhere, even posters will be pasted in buses, bus stands, cinema halls, schools, colleges and other important places, and women who want to complain to the SHE team should use this opportunity and the details of the students will be kept confidential. Action will be taken on eveteasing, ragging, cybercrimes, good touch, bad touch, molestation of girls.

RSD_Awareness program at Gurukul Womens college

The members of Kalabrundham through games created awareness about the use of Dial 100, She Team’s working method and cyber threats.

Principal Rajini, Vice Principal Sudha, She Team ASI Pramila Constable Sridhar, Prabhakar, Vijay, Axar and teachers participated in this program.