Awarness conference on National Science Day – Sircilla

In celebration of the National Science Day, District SP Akhil Mahajan IPS attended the awareness conference organized in the library under the district library organization, Janavigyan Vedika in Sircilla town as the chief guest and made the science teachers of the district aware of science.

On this occasion, District SP Akhil Mahajan said that calling upon students to always train students in such a way that they have logical thinking and scientific interests at an early age, thus leading to new discoveries. He said that all the people and all the students should get rid of superstitions and get used to the philosophy of questioning and the attitude of questioning. Science is the source of social change. In today’s modern technological age, society cannot be imagined without science. Therefore, teachers should work in such a way that every student can grow up to be a social scientist and work for social change. He said that the teachers should always educate the students so that the students have scientific ideas, scientific outlook and scientific attitude from their childhood. The responsibility of the teachers is to inform the students about the necessity of science in daily life. We want to recognize the situations happening in the society from time to time and walk towards a conscious path.

Later, National President of Janavijnana Vedika and President of District Library Association, Akunuri Shankaraiah said that even in today’s modern era, people are affected by superstitions and commit many acts of violence. Such incidents are happening due to lack of scientific attitude among people. So everyone should get scientific education and live with a scientific outlook. He said that if we are afraid, there will be those who scare us, we should leave fear and move forward with courage.

Students and teachers who have shown talent from the district level to the national level were honored with shawls and mementos. In this program, Scientific Analyst VSN Murthy, JVV National Advisor Dr. TV Rao made teachers aware of various topics.

P Buggareddy, Secretary of the District Library, Dr. Vamsi were present in this program. MD.General Physician, JVV District President Misa Ravi, JVV District Secretary Gannamaneni Srinivasa Rao, B Shankaraiah Mallaiah and a large number of teacher’s teachers have participated.