Be alert to cyber criminals – District SP Akhil Mahajan

Don’t be fooled by the messages that come in the name of loan or lottery, or ads on social media. If you file a complaint on the NCRP portal ( the concerned police station will respond immediately or call the toll free number 1930 immediately.

Smart phones with modern technology are in everyone’s hands. Smartphones have become a minimum requirement even for the common man in the present times. As phone numbers are linked with bank accounts, many download apps and carry on cashless transactions. While digital transactions are expanding on one hand, cyber crimes are increasing at the same rate. In the context of playing games on mobile, people who are attracted by the ads that come in various sites that offer us the things we need at a very low price, immediately click on those links. Cybercriminals are getting benefit with this. Instantly, the money in the bank accounts linked to that mobile number is in the hands of criminals. The victims are in trouble as the money is empty when they come to know about the matter. Many cyber frauds have increased greatly these days. Everyone should be alert to get out of these. Rajannasircilla District SP Akhil Mahajan IPS., suggested to people that they should resort to toll free number 1930 to recover money immediately after being victimized by cyber crimes.

  Details of some cases reported in Rajannasircilla district during this week.

● A victim in Sircilla Town Police Station saw a Facebook ad and messaged a mobile number on it and got a link. He said that if you open that link and place an order, you will get some money as daily income. The victim believed this and placed orders with some money in installments. But no amount was returned to him. Finally the victim realizes that he has been cheated.

● In the area of Vemulawada Town Police Station, an OTP was taken three times from a victim claiming to be concerned with FLIPKART verification and saying that they will activate Flipkart pay letter from the victim. As a result, the victim lost Rs. 21000/-.

● A victim searched one credit card service care number on GOOGLE under Sircilla Town Police Station and found a number. That number connected and disconnected immedeiatly. After a while he got a call from a number. Now the victim told them to install an application called Quick Support. He gave them the credit card details. Later, 30 thousand rupees were lost from the victim’s credit card.

● A victim in the area of Ellareddypet police station got a message that his PAN card was not linked and would be blocked, so he clicked on the link in the message about updating the PAN card and entered the victim’s personal details and also entered the OTP so the victim lost Rs.5000/-.

● One victim in Illanthakunta police station took a loan in an application called T Loan. Now the loan related people are harassing him to repay more than what he has taken.

● A victim under Vemulawada Rural Police Station received a message while logging into his online banking and lost 1800 rupees through an OTP.

Precautions to be taken:-

• Did you get a lottery call or message?

• Cyber scams in the name of lottery, be alert. If you get such messages, immediately call 1930 and complain.

• Do not pick up video calls from strangers, if you do, they will be naked, record your video call, threaten you and extort money.

• Don’t believe WhatsApp and Telegram ads that say investment in thousands and profits in lakhs.

• If you deposit less money, you will get profit and if you deposit more money, you will cheat. Call 1930 immediately if you fall victim to such cyber fraud.

• Realize that they are cyber fraudsters who message you and ask you for a job.

• Is someone you know asking you to send money from a photo on “Instagram”? And was that message sent by someone you know? don’t be fooled.