BJP leaders protest against false promises of KTR- Rajanna Siricilla District

BJP Leaders protest

KTR has promised to build a 30 bed government hospital in Illantakunta zone but was not done even after 49 months completed post promise. The government primary health center at Illanthakunta has no injections, no x-ray, no scanning facility, no blood tests, no accidental snake bites antidotes, no insect repellents. BJP leaders have protested regarding this by walking on knees at the bus stand area where the hospital was promised to be built demanding KTR to respond to the situation properly. Even though KTR has not responded and kept police force at bus stand threatening people. In this protest Gajjala Srinivas, Dandaveni Rajinikanth, Battini Swamy, Bandari Raj, Ponnam Krishna, Kudumula Srihari, Singireddy Praveen Reddy, Vajjapelli  Srikanth, Mango Hareesh, Nallagonda Krishna, Payyavala Naveen, Chukka Ramesh, P. S. Reddy, Venu, Sivamani, Satadira and others have participated.