Rajanna Sirisilla Task Force Police caught PDS rice being transported/purchased illegally

On 21.02.2023, on the orders of District SP Akhil Mahajan IPIS under the command of Task Force CI Balakrishna along with the staff of Task Force S.I. Maruti as per reliable information at 8.00 am two vehicles brought PDS rice at Harihara Rice Mill in Rajannasircilla District Vemalawada Town area. 20 quintals of government ration rice caught, the accused and the PDS rice were handed over to the Vemulawada Police Station for further action where the four accused were arrested.

A case has been registered against four owners of Harihara Rice Mill. Legal action will be taken against anyone who smuggled the rice which has to be distributed to the poor people by Telangana state government.

Hari Hara Rice Mill Owners:

1. Chepuri Santosh, s/0 Anjaiah , 32yrs, r/o Anantanagar, Sirisilla 2. Banda Srinivas ,3. Katukam Venkanna, 4. Akkirala Anil Kumar

  Details of the accused who are transporting PDS rice illegally

1. Parvatam Narsaiah, s/o Chandraiah, 45 yrs, Budigejungam, r/o Raykurthi, Karimnagar.

2. Parvatam Vamsi, s/o Narsaiah, 27 yrs, Budigejungam, r/o Rekurthi, Karimnagar.

3. Ganta Sammayya, s/o Edaiah, 45 yrs, Ganggireddula, r/o Sanugula Village, Chedurthi Mandal

4. Ganta Raju s/o Sammayya age. 18yrs r/o Sanugula Village, Chendurthi Mandal

Details of Possessions

1.Tata A/C B.no.: AP15TC0145

2. Appe auto b.no: AP36X7132

20 quintals of PDS rice and four accused.

Task force staff Tirupathi, Shabbir, Rajesham Akshar Mahipal and Vijayasaradi participated in this task.