CC cameras should be coordinated to district police office- S.P. Rahul Hegde

In Rajannasircilla district police office, S.P.Rahul hedge has order today for the coordination of all CC cameras in the district to district police office.

Order of CC cameras coordination to command control room

CC cameras from town and villages


Corresponding police stations


Circle office


Sub division office


District office command control room.

With the cooperation of T-fibre, Municipality and CESS officers this CC cameras coordination will be done as soon as possible. Every CC camera in district will be monitored from district office command control room only here after.

All traffic problems, violations will be monitored and challan will be generated with proofs. And problems will be reported to the corresponding police station immediately. This initiative was taken to monitor Law and Order in town. 24/7 technical staff will work for this as said by S.P.Rahul Hegde.

Meeting for CC Cameras coordination to district command control room