Celebrations of Babu Jagjivan Ram 115th birth anniversary- 17th Police Battalion sardapur

Babu Jagjivan Ram is a well-known Indian independence activist  who fought for the implementation of rights for the backward and weaker sections of society. He has also took part in quit India movement along with Mahatma Gandhi . He was one of the India’s former Vice President. He fought for the backward and weaker sections of the society and for the welfare of people many laws were made approved by Parliament through him.

In honor of his undoubted activities towards people welfare, on his 115th birth anniversary, at 17th Police battalion office Sardapur under the orders of Battalion Commandant K. Subramanyam the birth anniversary celebrations were done by garlanding Babu Jajivan Ram  photo and remembering his deeds. For this program chief guest Assistant Commandant M. Parthasarathy Reddy, R.I P.Narayana, B.Sridhar, Raghunath and other officers have took part along with staff.

Babu Jajivan Ram 115th Jayanthi celebrations