Corrupted candidates contesting for CESS elections – Reajannasircilla district

Chikkala Rama Rao, who nominated from Thangalapalli, was previously accused of corruption in the course of being the chairman of CESS, and such allegations are still pending. According to Sec.51 Telangana Co-operative Societies Rules Act 1964, the then DCO Ramanjaneyulu reported that Chikkala Rama Rao have committed corruption of 33 crores. The said report is still pending in the CESS, then the matter was also referred to the Hon’ble High Court. According to the said 24389/2009, Justice Ramesh Ranganathan’s High Court bench ordered the then DCO Ramanjaneyulu to make an inquiry and submit a report as per sec.51. DCO was also laid and the report still pending. Meanwhile, the cess election officials do not violate Article-326 by not giving at least the basic right to vote to the arrears, a petition was given to the CESS election officer Mamata with objections to reject the nomination of Chikkala Rama Rao, who is guilty of corruption. If a person who is guilty of corruption is ineligible to make nomination is not been addressed, it is demanded that such nominations should be rejected said by Annal Das Venu, lawyer, President of Sircilla Town BJP.