Councilor’s protest for the development of the ward – Municipal BJP floor leader Bolagam Nagaraju Goud

Ward councilor Bolgam Nagaraju Goud protested in front of the municipal office expressing his concern that the ruling party of Chinna Bonala, the tenth ward of Sircilla town, is not looking for development due to the negligence of the officials. He said that it is ironic to say that there is no funds in the municipality which is progressing on the path of development. He said that since the merger of seven villages in the town, the government has looked down on our villages. Minister KTR wants to understand how municipal development is in the entire Telangana state. Haritaharam program was organized in 2019 under Saraswati Mahila Sangam which was formed in 38 women groups in Chinna Bonalu and the municipal commissioner has issued orders to set it up as a commercial nursery. He said that for the maintenance of the said nursery, each member deposited money individually and invested in the nursery. The municipal commissioner said that ₹10 will be paid for each plant grown in the nursery, and 30,000 plants have been grown. It has been three years since the grown plants were given, the money related to the plants is not given. He said that the mention of plants has been deleted in the regular meeting of the council held on 31.10.2022. They demanded that orders be issued to pay money to this women’s association from the municipal funds. He protested by begging to allocate funds for the development of the ward.