District police caught inter-state cyber criminals – Rajannasircilla

The district police caught the inter-state cyber cheater who was cheating the innocent people in the name of Amma Trust and getting money from them through phone pay.

Jalam Pawan Chaitanya, s/o Ramulu, Age: 27 yrs, Occ: Private Employed in Auto Consultancy, r/o Narsupeta, Nujiveedu, NTR District, Andhra Pradesh.

On 18-07-2022 the victim Vemula Rajasekhar, r/o Nukalamarri posted a video on Facebook with a request for financial assistance for the hospital treatment of his mother. Then the accused calls the victim and says that he will give Rs.4 lakhs in the name of “Amma Trust” for treatment, but he asks the victim for some deposit amount. Believing that, the victim transfers Rs.14,000/- to the accused’s phone number through Google Pay. Then the victim’s mobile number was blocked by the accused after receiving the money from the victi, the victim lodged a complaint at the Vemulawada Rural Police Station.

On the orders of the District SP, the Vemulawada Rural Police registered a case under Section 420 IPC, Section 66-D of the IT Act and as part of the investigation, Vemulawada Rural CI Bansilal and the Special Team went there on the information that the accused was in Nujuveedu through the analysis of the bank account details and mobile number CDR. On 20-01-2023, the fraudster was caught and defrauded innocent people of Rs.14,000/-, bank pass books-2, mobile phone were seized. Social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) was used by the fraudster using technological methods. Nambali deceives the innocent people by saying that when the victims post about requests for financial assistance, they contact them and introduce themselves, I will help you in the name of Amma Trust, let everyone know about Amma Trust, and ask them to pay some deposit amount and then 100% refund will be given. According to available information, the fraudster has cheated many innocent people in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

So far victims in the following areas have been cheated by the scammer:

01.18-07-2022 Nukalamarri, Vemulawada Rural, Rajannasircilla District Telangana

02. 07-08-2022 Tirumalayapalem, Khammam District Telangana

03.17-08-2022 Bachupalli, Cyberabad, Telangana

04. 21-09-2022 Bowenpally, Hyderabad, Telangana 05. 13-11-2022 Yarrupalem, Khammam, Telangana

06. 11-11-2022 Penugonda, Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh

Beware of cyber criminals, if you are caught in cyber crime, you should immediately call toll free number 1930, or complain on NCRP portal (www.cybercrime.gov.in) concerned police station will respond immediately. It is better to act with understanding and be careful in advance than to be sad after losing money.

Precautions to be taken to avoid getting cheated at the hands of cyber criminals:-

• Did you get a lottery call or message? Don’t hope, doubt.

• Cyber scams in the name of lottery, be alert. If you get such messages, immediately call 1930 and complain.

• Do not pick up video calls from strangers, if you do, they will be naked, record your video call, threaten you and extort money.

• Don’t believe WhatsApp and Telegram ads that say investment in thousands and profits in lakhs.

• If you deposit less money, you will get profit and if you deposit more money, you will get cheated. Call 1930 immediately if you fall victim to such cyber fraud.

• Realize that they are cyber fraudsters who message you and ask you for a job.

• Is someone you know asking you to send money from a photo on “Instagram”? And was that message sent by someone you know? Don’t be fooled.