District SP Akhil Mahajan IPS., visited Veernapalli Police Station

SP visited the Veernapalli Police Station and examined the records maintained at the station, 5S implementation, functional verticals, court duty, reception, Blue Colt Patrol Mobile, Tech Teams performance, police staff working patterns, services provided to the public and the details of crimes registered within the police station.

SP said that the aim of the police is to provide better services to the people. The police should be constantly vigilant in their duties and provide efficient services to the people. To control the crimes, patrolling and beats should always be conducted. He said that the police personnel should treat the complainants who come to the police station with courtesy and do justice to the victims.Village police officers should go to the villages assigned to them and interact with the people and find out their problems and give information to the higher authorities. Similarly, he wants to keep the surroundings of the police station clean.If there is any problem with the staff, they should bring it to his attention. SP is accompanied by CI Mogili and new staff of SI.