“Don’t ignore mental problems”

On 02.02.2023, eminent psychologist K. Punnamchander conducted a group counseling on methods of solving mental problems for workers at Ganesh Nagar, Sircilla, under the Mind Care and Counseling Center of Government District Hospital. Speaking in this regard, he said that mental problems should not be neglected. Mental problems arise as a result of the mental stress that people face in their daily life. Due to lack of awareness about mental problems, they are turning into diseases. Chronic mental stress has a severe impact on mental and physical health and is the cause of many lifestyle diseases and mental illnesses. Insomnia, fear, depression, anxiety, aches and pains and negative thoughts are indicators of mental problems, he said. A person should only have a positive attitude towards problems and think towards solutions. It should be recognized that there are no problems that cannot be solved and that they will be solved even after a while but one should have patience. Mind Care and Counseling Center is providing counseling for solving mental problems and asked them to take advantage of this opportunity. Mind Care Center staff Vemula Annapurna, Konda Uma, Boora Srimati, Rapelli Latha and workers participated in this program.