Everyone needs to know about CPR- District Collector Anurag Jayanthi

District Collector Anurag Jayanthi said that everyone needs to understand about CPR. The 4-day training programs organized for the employees of the Collectorate on CPR under the Medical and Health Department started in the conference hall on 29.03.2023. District Deputy Medical Officer DR. Sri Ramulu himself performed CPR with his own hands and explained the principles of CPR to the employees. The district collector attended the program as the chief guest and addressed the employees by starting the training programs.

          He said that due to the changes in the food habits and lifestyle of the present society, few people around us are collapsing regardless of their age. He said that by following this method, it is possible to bring the heart rhythm to a normal level. The state government has decided to give training with the intention that everyone should know this method as there is a possibility of giving artificial breath by putting pressure on the left side of the chest with the hands.

For that purpose, training is being given to all the staff of emergency departments such as medical, police, municipal, child welfare department and other line departments under the supervision of the medical and health department in phases in the district. If necessary, training programs should be extended for another four days and training should be given to all media representatives and students.

As part of the training, when to do CPR, under what circumstances, how to do it for adults and children, the difference between heart attack and cardiac arrest, etc., were explained.

District Additional Collector N Khimya Naik said that due to the changed life style and increased stress, people are suffering from any medical problem and everyone needs to be aware of the CPR to be performed in emergency. The lives of people are being affected by cardiac arrest in recent times.

District Medical Officer DR. Suman Mohan Rao said that from 29th of March to 3rd of April 2023, 400 people belonging to all government departments in idoc are conducting training programs on CPR. District Civil Relations Officer Mamindla Dasharatha, SC Corporation ED Vinod, District Rural Development Corporation, District Panchayat Raj Office, Fisheries Department, Animal Husbandry Department, Horticulture Department, Industries Department, Social Welfare Department, Employment Department, Survey Land Record Offices participated in the training programs on the first day.