Worse condition of Aganwadi center at Minister KTR’s constituency

This is the situation of Chinna Bonala Anganwadi in Sircilla Municipality of Sircilla Constituency, which is represented by Minister KTR himself. Many times the District Collector as well as the District Anganwadi officials have been ignoring the complaints that the Anganwadi building in our ward is completely dilapidated for the last three years. How should children go to such Anganwadi centers? If you go there, there is no condition for studying. This Anganwadi center is full of mud and bandicoot hooves. Due to this situation, there is a possibility of food poisoning for small children and pregnant women. Therefore, the Minister KTR is requested to take immediate action on this issue. District Collector and Anganwadi officials were informed that funds have been sanctioned for the construction of this building. But that money has not been allocated so far. Because of this, the parents of the children in our ward are not able to send their children to the Anganwadi, so they are bringing to my attention the problem of Anganwadi. Pregnant women have serious problems with their children. So even now the authorities are demanding to respond and appoint a permanent teacher immediately said by Bolgam Nagaraju Goud, 10th Ward Councillor, BJP municipal floor leader.

RSD_Worse condition of Aganwadi at Chinna Bonala
RSD_Worse condition of Aganwadi at KTR’s Constituency