Special focus of the district SP on the problems of Gulf victims

RSD_ Gulf Jobs Fraud

District SP Akhil Mahajan IPS said that those who go abroad for employment and job opportunities should not be cheated by resorting to fake agents and get employment by contacting agencies approved by the government. He issued a statement to this effect on 29.03.2023. He said that necessary measures are being taken on behalf of the police department to prevent and curb the frauds of fake Gulf agents, and people who go to Gulf for employment from rural areas are mostly cheated by fake agents.

 It is stated that they should contact the agents recognized by the government and get employment opportunities. The victims who have been cheated by Gulf agents so far in the district, who have information about fake Gulf agents, are advised to contact Special Branch CI Karunakar through the number 8712656411 and give complete details.

SP asked the people of the district to contact this number 8712656411 for those who go abroad for employment and jobs before contacting the agents in the district to know the complete details about them i.e. what kind of cases are there against him as a government agent or a fake agent.

District SP Akhil Mahajan IPS said that the information about the fake Gulf agents in the district should be provided to the police officers so that the frauds of the fake Gulf agents can be stopped in the district and the details of those who have provided the information will be kept confidential. He said that the license of the agencies that violate the government rules and cheat the people will be canceled and criminal cases will be filed under the PD Act.