Finance business should be done within RBI regulations-District S.P. Hegde.

As per S.P. Rahul Hegde orders, in district premises, marigadda village, illegal high finance business has been seized as per the information from reliable source. District task force S.I along with his team has done raid  and promissory notes, vehicles and the following are been taken over

  1. 71 promissory notes worth of Rs.18,83,000/-
  2. Rs.50,100/- cash
  3. 6 two wheelers
  4. 2 cars
  5. 1 tractor

The above have been handed over by police and the person behind this business have been handed over to police station. S.P also said that over riding the rules of RBI and doing illegal finance business is a punishable offence. Within RBI regulations finance business is acceptable.